Eskom chairman and acting CEO Jabu Mabuza said they are not failing to resolve the country’s energy crisis, despite having to implement stage 6 load-shedding.

Speaking to ENCA, Mabuza said the situation Eskom currently finds itself in is due to the poor reliability of power plants and a lack of maintenance.

He said Eskom is currently ensuring that it is implementing controlled load-shedding, and that stage 6 load-shedding is not a calamity because it is controlled.

He added that this controlled load-shedding is necessary to protect the electricity grid against total collapse.

Pravin Gordhan blames the previous administration

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan blamed “what happened in the past ten years” for the return of load-shedding in South Africa.

Load-shedding returned after Gordhan took over the public enterprises portfolio, and many people are pointing fingers at his leadership for the return of blackouts.

Gordhan, however, dismissed this accusation, saying Eskom is trying to recover from the problems which were created over the past decade.

“There was no long-term maintenance done and we repeated that many times,” Gordhan said.

He said many of the current critics are the ones who were responsible for the problems which Eskom is currently facing.

Getting back to normality

Gordhan said their immediate aim is to get back to normality without any load-shedding.

After this is achieved, he said they will ask a lot of questions related to getting generation capacity online again and ensuring Eskom improves its level of maintenance.

He said they will focus on getting better-quality repair work done on some of the boiler tube leaks and other technical problems.

Article originally from Mybroadband