Residential / SME

The residential and SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) sectors experience the same power challenges as large corporations. Disruption to routine, production delays and losses, increased expenses, security issues, limited access to the internet and entertain and not being able to charge devices, to name a few.

Due to their size the typical home and SME only requires a single-phase power supply. This single-phase power supply will support electronic devices such as security systems, routers, laptops/personal computers, lighting, televisions and to charge mobile phones. We offer an extensive range of products designed to support small domestic appliances as well as IT equipment for prolonged periods. With load shedding many of our enquiries are for battery run times of 2 to 4 hours, however, we can provide solutions for even longer periods if required.

The two key elements in emergency power products are:

  • The ability to run for extended periods on batteries without over-heating
  • The ability to rapidly recharge batteries.

Our products offer extended battery run times and charging capabilities of 8 – 20 Amps (product dependent).

Location of UPS

To ensure adequate cooling of the UPS systems, the internal fan runs during the discharge and recharge cycles of the batteries. Some clients find the fan noise disturbing.

We recommend that the UPS system is installed in either a garage or low traffic area in the home/office. Extension cords may be used to power devices in case of power interruptions.


These UPS systems are “plug and play” units, plugging into a standard 15Amp wall socket, with the devices plugged into the UPS system.

As the units are not designed for electrical installation into a distribution board any damage arising from such installations voids the warranty.


Our ranges are designed for loads such as:

  • Televisions, decoders, and TV boxes
  • Laptops, computers, routers
  • Low wattage energy saving lights
  • Security cameras, alarms, electric fence
  • Inverter technology fridges/freezes
  • Gas ignitors (gas stoves and geysers)
  • Oxygen/CPAP units

They are NOT suitable for the following loads:

  • Compressor based fridges/freezers (old technology)
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Pumps (fish/pools/borehole etc)
  • Hair dryers, electric stoves, kettles, microwaves, toasters, air fryers
  • Anything with an AC motor, compressor, or heating element

1200VA = 600Watts

1 x television, decoder/TV box, fibre/Wi-Fi router and a table lamp

2000VA = 1000Watts

1 x television, decoder/TV box, fibre/Wi-Fi router, 1 x laptop/computer and a table lamp

2400VA = 1200Watts

1 x television, decoder/TV box, fibre/Wi-Fi router, 2 x laptop/computer and a table lamp

3400VA = 2200Watts

2 x Televisions, decoder/TV box, fibre/Wi-Fi router, 4 x laptop/computer and 2 x table lamp

Products that apply to this market:

There are three general categories of modern UPS systems are on-line, line interactive or standby/offline.

Standard/Short Run Systems:
700VA to 3KVA Neptune
1KVA to 3KVA Mercury

Extended/Long Run systems
1200VA to 6KVA Venus
6KVA and 10KVA Saturn
6KVA and 10KVA Jupiter