The NOVA Saturn range is the smallest footprint transformer-less parallel redundancy online UPS series with internal batteries

It is a value for money, budget friendly solution.


General Features

  • Smallest footprint design
  • DSP-controlled technology
  • Parallel redundancy up to 4 units
  • Wide input voltage and frequency windows
  • Unity power factor at 0.9
  • ECO mode for energy saving
  • Common battery
  • Powerful charger – up to 10A
  • Versatile communication interfaces provided for different applications
  • Superior overload capability
  • Programmable control and monitoring software via RS232 port
  • Emergency power off
  • DC start

Sizes Available

  • 6KVA single-phase
  • 10KVA single-phase

Suitable environments/applications

  • Telecommunications
  • Server rooms
  • Data centres
  • Medical sector
  • SME sector

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