Lithium-Ion Battery Range

Lithium-Ion batteries have been a game changer in the emergency power solution environment and have many advantages in the UPS environment. The lithium-ion batteries are lighter, smaller and require no maintenance. As lithium-ion batteries do not use a chemical reaction to produce energy, they are extremely well suited for repeated charging and discharging with almost no self-discharge when not in use.

With built in battery management system (BMS) protection, extended design life service and the ability to recharge quickly and efficiently, purchasing a back power solution with lithium-ion batteries is a worthwhile long-term solution and investment.

UPS Warehouse supplies high quality products with various warranty options on their UPS and inverter range. However, battery life/autonomy times are out of our control as noted in our terms and conditions. With the number and duration of deep discharges which batteries are subject to during load shedding, battery life and backup times cannot be guaranteed.

This is as a result of lack of time between load-shedding events for batteries to fully recharge. UPS Warehouse is not a manufacturer of batteries but a supplier, and as such is subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturers and suppliers of batteries. We have received calls regarding battery performance levels. Unfortunately, this issue is across all makes and brands of lead acid batteries.

As the severity of load shedding escalates, batteries are constantly discharging and recharging which in turn affects lifespan.

The cost of running a battery-based power solution is not dissimilar to running a generator, when the fuel runs out, it requires re-filling. When batteries experience several cycles, they require replacement.

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