Additional charges to businesses to keep the lights on during load-shedding

Eskom chairman and acting CEO Jabu Mabuza said they are not failing to resolve the country’s energy crisis, despite having to implement stage 6 load-shedding. Many South African landlords are introducing additional charges to keep the lights on during load-shedding because of the unprecedented number of outages this year. To date,

We are not failing – Eskom chairman

Eskom chairman and acting CEO Jabu Mabuza said they are not failing to resolve the country’s energy crisis, despite having to implement stage 6 load-shedding. Speaking to ENCA, Mabuza said the situation Eskom currently finds itself in is due to the poor reliability of power plants and a lack of maintenance.

Eskom wants to hike electricity prices even higher

Eskom wants R27.2 billion to be added to power tariffs to account for the amount under-recovered in the 2018/19 period, the City Press reports. National energy regulator Nersa has published Eskom’s latest application for public comment, in which Eskom suggests that this increase be implemented over the next two years.

Eskom load-shedding escalated to stage 4

Eskom will initiate stage 4 load-shedding from 14:00 on Friday. Eskom said on Twitter that available capacity has gone down and demand has increased. “The increase in the load-shedding stage is intended, among other things, to cater for further unplanned trips and to create capacity to replenish water reserves for our pumped

Eskom: Loadshedding a last resort to avoid total blackout

Eskom said in a statement on Sunday morning that it wants to remind South Africans that loadshedding is a last resort to protect the power system from a total collapse or blackout.Although the power system still remains constrained and vulnerable, Eskom does not expect to implement loadshedding on Sunday. It

Medupi: the unstable lifeline to Eskom and SA – Yelland

Last week’s loadshedding was another reminder of how fragile the Medupi power station is. With Kusile, these power stations were supposed to be the flagships of South Africa’s power generation but instead of that; it has become as Bloomberg put it “textbook studies on how not to execute large infrastructure projects.” There seems

Why we can’t retrench: Eskom executive

Eskom chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer says that retrenchments are currently not an option for the embattled power utility because of the high additional costs involved and potential harm to the economy. In an interview with Beeld, Oberholzer said that job cuts would save Eskom approximately R7 billion a year. However,

Ten things you should know about electrical power cable

The tables of current rating of electric cables give the value of “standard current rating”. This is the maximum safe continuous current that the cable can carry under standard conditions. In South Africa, the standard conditions assume an air temperature of 30°C; that the cables are shaded from the sun;

Choosing a UPS System 101: The Fundamentals

New to the world of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems? Consider this UPS buying guide your introduction to the basic concepts behind UPS Systems and which type will work best for your requirements. What is a UPS System?A UPS, at its most basic, is a battery backup power system that

Preventing Common Power Problems

Solutions for Spikes, Surges, and More Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units (also known as battery backups) and surge protectors guard computers and other sensitive electronics against sudden changes in utility power. They provide a form of insurance for important equipment, preventing component damage and keeping the electric current flowing. Depending