Hubble 4.8KW Lithium ESS
The Hubble is a rackmount 4U lithium energy storage system designed for the Solar and UPS industry. The battery is a high performance ESS that is a true 1C battery. With advanced BMS through LCD display and RS485 for inverter integration.

  1. True 1C Lithium ESS
    The Hubble 48V100AH or 4.8KW ESS is a true 1C battery, meaning that it will deliver a constant 100Amp discharge or 100Amp charge. This translates to the battery delivering up to 4800Watts of power for a single 4.8KW module in real time. Now you can pair a single 5KW inverter with 1x Hubble saving you costs from stacking multiple ESS systems.
  2. 100% Depth of Discharge ESS
    The Hubble is a true 100% DoD Energy storage system. The battery is designed to be completely cycled and still provide over 3500 cycles at 100% DoD. Optionally you can set the Hubble to only discharge to 90% or 80%, then your cycle life is dramatically increased.
  3. LCD Display Built in
    The Hubble ESS has a built in display on each module showing you the Cycles, SOC, charge, discharge current, battery status, alarm, firmware version etc.
  4. Excellent high temperature performance, built in CB
    Unlike other leading lithium systems, the Hubble was designed to operate in African climates of up to 60 degrees, offering excellent high temperature performance, and with our built in circuit breaker per module, there is no need to add external fuses per module.
  5. Stackable up to 15 modules
    The Hubble can stack in parallel up to 15 times, giving you a massive 72KW per installation, satisfying even the most demanding of power requirements.
  6. 20 Year design life, 10 Year warranty
    The Hubble is a 20 year design life battery and is backed by a 10 year warranty.



General Features

  • Intra-system balancing
  • Flame retarded system to UL94V-0
  • Excellent high temperature performance
  • High Cycle Life and Service Life
  • 20 Year Design Life ESS
  • Advanced LCD display with battery state, voltage, cycles etc.
  • High Energy Density and conversion efficiency
  • Enviromentally friendly, without any heavy metals
  • Complete with integrated Battery Management System
  • Compatible with most VRLA chargers
  • Low self discharge of 2 years before required charging
  • Easy Installation for 19 Inch cabinet
  • Built in protection for over-charge, over-discharge & over temperature

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